Princess Costumes for Children

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Mar 26
princess costumes for children
While viewing our site, you might have noticed that we have no princess costumes for children.  So let’s talk about it for a moment.  The first point is that we don’t make cheap costumes.  The material and design have been crafted for serious purposes and that is to present a beautiful and accurate rendition of the princess dress as we know it.  Naturally most parents looking for a child’s dress would not want to pay the kind of money that these professional costumes cost.  So as a general rule, most parents are really looking for a much cheaper variant of the “Princess Costumes for Children” dress than we would offer.
The second point is that while we can create a “Princess Costumes for Children” dress for your child, chances are it isn’t going to be much cheaper than the adult version.  The reason is that although there will be less fabric used, we will have to create a separate pattern just for the one dress which will be time consuming.  Take for example Anna’s dress from Frozen.  All of the designs have been created to work within an adult sizing pattern and we would have to recreate all of these for a child’s dress.  It would be very labor intensive, hence the price would not be any less than the adult version.  In some cases, that may not be as much of a problem and if so, then there will be a savings which we would gladly pass on to our customer.  But even this price may seem steep to many parents who want something around the price of a “Party City” type costume.
But for the parent that wants it done right and to have the same quality as we make for our adult costumes, it can be done.  We would strongly recommend that you send us a message with your request and some type of acknowledgement that the price will not be so much different.  The reason is that we don’t want to waste our time providing an analysis that is time consuming only to find out you had no idea it wasn’t going to be very inexpensive to have a child’s princess dress made.  Because we make custom clothing, we will be happy to create the dress in any size, it is just a matter of expectations.

And as always, call us if you have questions about Princess Costumes for Children that can be answered quickly.

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