​Nadia creates evening wear for your special event no matter what it is!

She has had several dresses at the Emmy Awards of which one was on the red carpet. You can see a picture of Bruno from “Dancing with the Stars” showing off one of her dresses worn by a guest from Orlando attending the event. And what did Bruno say to her about the Dress? “You look Marvelous!”


Nadia Goodwind

Nadia Goodwin is a European designer with over 20 years of experience in creating beautiful clothing from scratch. She is currently very much in demand by ladies to create custom dresses and costumes for many requirements. It is this wide range of experience that makes her especially unique for most requirements.

For example, her experience in create ballroom dance costumes for both amateurs and professionals has made her an expert in working with fabrics that need to stretch and creating costumes that must capture attention quickly while at the same time helping some dancers to accentuate parts of their body they wish to display and hide those that might be less flattering.

You can see her most recent fashion show in the 12 minute video above. There are many ballroom dance costumes, some evening wear, and even a couture wedding dress that was shown.



Bruno from Dancing With The Stars holding Nadia’s dress at the 2012 Emmy Awards


Nadia’s Costumes with actual Disney characters

Nadia is a national leader in the creation of princess costumes for companies around the country that attend children birthday parties to make it a special day. These dresses are expensive but in demand by the princess companies that want the best for their characters who are helping parents make their child’s birthday such a special day! Below is a picture of Nadia’s costumes at Disney World with the actual Disney characters. In fact, Disney managers have gone so far as to say her costumes are better than their costumes!


Custom Wedding Dress made for Destination Wedding

Wedding Dress

Nadia has helped her customers create the perfect wedding dress no matter if it is a beach wedding, a theme wedding, a destination wedding, or what we might call a typical wedding. Her expertise can even save clients’ money because in creating a custom wedding gown, there is no additional expense for alterations as it is made to fit the bride’s figure perfectly. Plus there are many things ladies may not know that she can advise them to consider. Below is a picture taken of a couture wedding dress Nadia created for a destination wedding held in Colorado.




Nadia’s Winning Swimsuits

Swim suits and Competitions

The world of swim suits and the different types depending on the competition is rather large. Synchronized swimming teams, beach bikinis, and fitness competitions of several varieties all have their unique requirements of which Nadia has created award winning outfits. Her customers win competitions of which one example is shown.

The list could go on and on and you can look at her portfolio page to see more examples of costumes, dresses, and gowns that Nadia has created. Suffice it to say that Nadia can help you to create your ideal dress and will offer excellent advice on how you can work within your budget. Get professional advice and support as part of her routine services that she offers all of her clients. Her hourly fee is very reasonable and she can help you from making big mistakes in the creation of your costumes.